Dilution refrigerator - Leiden MNK-126-450

Master: Shuai Yuan
  • Brand: Leiden Cryogenics BV

  • Base temperature: <6mK

  • Base Electron temperature: 12mK

  • Magnetic fields: ±13.9T max

  • Sweep rate:  5.2mT/s max
  • Cooling power: 450μW@120mK

Former Masters
2021-NowShuai Yuan
2017-2021Jian Sun
2012-2017Hailong Fu

Cryofree dilution refrigerator - Leiden CF-CS81-600

Master: Shuai Yuan
  • Brand: Leiden Cryogenics BV

  • Base temperature: <7.5mK

  • Magnetic fields: ±9.7T max

  • Sweep rate: 3.0mT/s max
  • Cooling power: 1059μW@120mK

  • Insertable probe

  • Base temperature: <14mK
  • Base Electron temperature: <22mK
  • Sample switch: <10 hours from RT to 50mK
  • Sample space: 81mm

  • Cooling power: 340μW@120mK

  • In-situ sample rotation: -10° ~ 90°

Former Masters
2021-NowShuai Yuan
2019-2021Jian Sun
2018-2019Ke Huang
2015-2018Pengjie Wang

Cryofree refrigerator - Oxford TeslatronPT

Master: Haoran Fan
  • Brand: Oxford Instruments

  • Magnetic fields: ±12T max

  • Sweep rate:  5.4mT/s max
  • Insertable probe

  • Temperature range: 1.5K-300K
  • Cool down time: 4.5h to 4K
  • Sample Space: 50mm
Former Masters
2022-NowHaoran Fan
2019-2022Xinyu Wu

Home-made 1.8K refrigerator

Master: Xiao Liu
  • Temperature: 1.8K-22K

  • Cooling Time: 30 min to 1.8K

  • Cooling Power: 0.3 mW @3K

  • Vacuum: 1.2E-2 mbar

  • Sample Space: 20 mm

  • Wiring: 31 wires

  • LHe Consumption: 0.36L/h

Former Masters
2021-NowXiao Liu
2019-2021Shuai Yuan
2017-2019Jingjin Hu
This equipment is designed and made by undergraduate student Jingjin Hu in 2017.

4K cryofree system

Master: Xiao Liu
Former Masters
2020-NowXiao Liu
2018-2020Jiasen Niu
2017Ke Huang
2016Ruoxi Zhang
2015Pujia Shan
2014Pengjie Wang
2013Xian Wu, Pengjie Wang

Home-made 90K refrigerator

Master: admin

  • Base temperature: <90K

  • Wiring: 55 wires at 5A steady current available

  • Cooling: 1 hour to 90K

  • Sample space: 60mm diameter

  • LN2 consumption: 1.25L/h

This equipment is designed and made by undergraduate student Lin Xiong in 2014.